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Structural Glass Add-on for SCIA Engineer

GD.01 – Single layer glass check


  • The user can perform ULS and SLS check for shell elements that are fabricated from monolithic glass. (Single layer)

  • There are additional 2D that are added for each element in order to provide fabrication data that influences the final capacity.

  • The result will be graphical unity display and a detailed report of the check that can be sent to Scia’s Engineering report.


Useful for: Can be suitable for designing a glass element (Balustrade, slab, stair) that is not made of laminated glass.


GD.02 – Glass Design Laminated Multi-Layer


  • GD.01 is included.

  • The program determines the effective thickness according to prEN16612 for stress check and for deflection check.

  • The additional 2D data will open a database of materials, foils and an editor for the glass composition (glass, foil….)

  • Most of the structural glass used in the world is laminated glass (secured glass) to ensure safety even after breakage occurs.


Useful for: Designing Secured/laminated glass elements and structures.


GD.03 – Glass Design Insulated Units


  • GD.01 and GD.02 is included.

  • The program allows to design insulated units (double, triple, straight and curved).

  • The module calculated the isochore pressure that act on each glass layer due to gas expansions and contractions produced by height and temperature difference.

  • The glass package can contain any mixture of single layer or laminated glass layer and it uses the checks from GD.01 and GD.02.


Useful for: Designing Facades and any complex glass structure.

Detailed fact sheet can be downloaded from here.

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