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GD.02 – Glass Design Laminated Multi-Layer


  • European Glass Database

  • Design according to EN16612 
     (theoretical basis for future Glass Eurocode)

  • GD.01 is included.
  • The program determines the effective thickness according to prEN16612 for stress check and for deflection check.
  • The additional 2D data will open a database of materials, foils and an editor for the glass composition (glass, foil….)
  • Most of the structural glass used in the world is laminated glass (secured glass) to ensure safety even after breakage occurs.
  • General Stabilty Analysis & Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis

  • BIM ready (SEN Environment)

  • Fast 64-bit solution  (Design Forms Technology)

  • Multi-language support:Available in English,German, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian


Useful for: Designing Secured/laminated glass elements and structures.


Download Sample Project


Requires SCIA Engineer 22.0 with sen.07! The addon is useless without a valid SCIA License.


GD.02 – Glass Design Laminated Multi-Layer

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