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GD.03 – Glass Design Insulated Units


  • European Glass Database

  • Design according to EN16612
     (theoretical basis for future Glass Eurocode)

  • GD.01 and GD.02 is included.
  • The program allows to design insulated units (double, triple, straight and curved).
  • The module calculated the isochoric pressure that act on each glass layer due to gas expansions and contractions produced by height and temperature difference.
  • The glass package can contain any mixture of single layer or laminated glass layer and it uses the checks from GD.01 and GD.02.
  • General Stabilty Analysis & Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis

  • BIM ready (SEN Environment)

  • Fast 64-bit solution  (Design Forms Technology)

  • Multi-language support: Available in English, German, Romanian, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian


Useful for: Designing Facades and any complex glass structure


Download Sample Project


Requires SCIA Engineer 22.0 with sen.07! The addon is useless without a valid SCIA License.


GD.03 – Glass Design Insulated Units

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