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Structural Glass Add-on 1.04 is now available for SCIA 19!

A new release is available for SCIA 19 users. This release brings improvements regarding flexibility and transparency of input data.

We would like to give a special thanks to eng. Goran Šuran from KFK (Croatia) for his suggestions and requests.

Version 1.04 release notes:

#1 Calculation of kmod value

In previous release kmod was calculated as a proportional mean of the inputted user load values, a method inspired by the american ASTM1300e code.

The current version allows the user to manually input the kmod value which gives more flexibility in checking different design scenarios or hand calculation.

Table 6 has been included in the dialog box so that the users can easily choose the proper value.

# 2 Validation of chosen kmod

The user can now decide if he wants to check the input value of kmod from the 2D member data.

This will force the kmod to stay within the max or minimum value.

NOTE: If you want to change the kmod after the value has been corrected you will need to uncheck first validity of inputted kmod.

#3 More input parameters for TGU (Triple Insulated Glass Units)

The previous version did not calculate the isochore pressure p0 value automatically, instead it required a manual input from user.

The current version will calculate the isochore pressure according to seasonal temperature variation and based on pressure difference between the factory and the site of montage.

#4 Choosing results based on season for TGU

In the member data of Triple IGU the user can now choose for which season he requires the calculation.

This separation allows for a cleaner engineering report to compare results between winter and summer design combinations.

New improvements are planned for Q4 so make sure you subscribe to structural glass newsletter.

The instalation kit has already been sent to our current users. If you did not receive yet the instalation kit please send an e-mail to

If you want to test the new version please submit this form:



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