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Fact sheet v1.04 – prEN16612 - Structural Glass Design Addon for SCIA Engineer V22.0

Reference number:

Software: SCIA Engineer

Category: Glass Design


• Integrated solution for SCIA Engineer

• European Glass Database Library

• Design for Linear and Nonlinear Stability analysis results

• Fast 64-bit solution with parallel processing using Design Forms technology

• Support for laminated glass using automatic equivalent thickness for stress and deflection models

• Additional 2D data specific for structural glass elements (material type, surface treatment, production condition, prestressing and strengthening method

• Capacity reduction on extremities considering edge treatment influence

• Checks according to prEN16612

• Detailed calculation report presenting detailed formulas, tables, and references

• Results integration with Engineering Report

• Graphical display of results (unity check, capacity, stress distribution)

• Tabled results

• Applicable for any 2D element (Shell, wall or slab)

• Insulated glass design support (double and triple insulated glazing)

• Curved glass design


Proper and precise handling of structural glass elements in SCIA Engineer is achieved by:

• Specific integrated checks integrated according to the latest

European preStandard (prEN 16612).

• Along with the shell stability and nonlinear analysis that SCIA provides

any complex shape can be analyzed and checked on a global model.

• The program supports European safety factors and coefficients for

structural analysis and design. Simple design, fast assessment,

detailed calculation report including formulas with substitutions assures a

reliable solution.

• Unity check can be seen in 3D for every shell element.

• The degree of utilization of each cross- section is expressed by color

coding the unity check diagrams (over-dimensioned parts, section that

fulfil the checks and under- dimensioned are displayed). Color coding

makes easy for the user to visually assess the outcome design.

• The Engineering Report gathers all steps of structural analysis and

design – the modelled geometry, internal forces, deformations, the

Performed ULS and SLS checks.

Fig.1 - Glass canopy SLS Unity check diagram

PrEN16612 describes the calculation method for calculating laminated glass for deflection and stress check. Using the automatic configurator, user can prepare his own laminated glass package by inputting the number of layer, thickness of each layer and interlayer family type. The addon will confirm if the proper equivalent section is used or not.

• 2D member data allows the user to input glass properties such as production condition, surface treatment, prestressing type, k mod calculation.

Fig.2 - Glass input data

• Edge stress can be taken in consideration base on the type of edgework.

Fig.3 - Surface treatment

• Automatic laminated glass convertor. User can input the desired number of glass layer with individual thickness and control the family type of the interlayer.

Fig.4 - Laminated glass package input

• SLS limit check according to element type.

Fig.5 - SLS check settings

Insulated glass analysis

Software supports the automatic calculation of the load distribution factors and isochore pressure generated in the trapped gas between the glass panes. The check is available for double and triple insulated glass units according to the prEN16612 methodology.

Fig.6 - DIGU Input data

Fig.7 - TIGU Input settings

Curved glass analysis

Curved glass can be modelled as equivalent shell both as monolithic or laminated and even combined to form a double or insulated glass unit. The multiple layers of glass are connected with sealant material and the pressure Curved glass can be modelled as equivalent shell both as monolithic or laminated and even combined to form a double or insulated glass unit. The multiple layers of glass are connected with sealant material and the pressure in it can also be determined it can also be determined.

Fig.8 - Triple insulated glass pressure calculations

Code checks

• ULS check for stresses in elements and SLS limit calculation

• Isochore pressure calculation according to production and season variation

• Load factor distribution between panes for double and triple insulated glass

• Curved glass design

• Graphical display of unity checks

Fig.9 - Unity check for laminated glass intersection

Special considerations for glass design in conjunction with Scia Engineer Environment

• Design for static and dynamic loads

• Straight and curved shell design

• Automatic meshing and local mesh refinements

• Openings in connection areas

• Interactions with other structural materials in same 3D model (aluminum, steel, timber, other).


Glass module provided detailed output or stress calculation, equivalent thickness calculation, capacity and checks in every mesh node.

Output is integrated in engineering report and can have all data concentrated in a brief table.

Fig.10 - Brief ULS check preview

• Detailed output is also available, and it can be used to demonstrate the calculated capacity and the unity check for critical mesh element. A Detailed report shows all calculations as formulas with references to the applied articles from the code, allowing you to follow and verify the logic and individual steps of the design.

Fig.11 - Detailed ULS check preview


Required SEN modules:





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