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Ciprian Popa

Structural engineer

I’ve started this website to share with you my passion for glass and structural engineering.

I have over 5 years of experience in teaching BIM Software in Technical Universities to students and senior engineers and dedicated my last 3 years into studying glass structures.

I want to share the knowledge that I have with other engineers and architects worldwide, and build an international community. Hope you will enjoy my work!

Structural Glass PROs and CONs

Does Structural Glass worth the costs?

Glass Advantages

Glass advantages

✓ Great aesthetics

✓ Envelops the building

✓ Nice compartimentat walls solution (shops, showrooms etc.)

✓ Generates spacious and harmonious environment

✓ Any structural element can be created (beams, columns, floors, walls etc.)

✓ Absorbs, reflects, refracts and transmits light

✓ Easy to polish

✓ Can be blown, laminated and pressed

✓ Has no degradation from atmosferic air

✓ Available in many colors

✓ With special treatment it can exceed steel tensile strength

✓ Electric izolator

✓ Thermal izolator

✓ Good chemical strength (most laboratory flasks are made of glass)

✓ Easy to clean

✓ Lightweight material with a good strength to weight ratio

Glass disadvantages

X Expensive material

X Non-ductile behavior

X Security costs will rise

X High maintenance costs

X Semic vulnerability

X Vandalism vulnerability

X Strict execution measures

X Requires glass expertise

X Complex analysis (Non-liniar large displacement analysis)

X Requires specialized design software

But then again, relaxing in something like this is worth the investment.