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What Can We Build With Structural Glass?

There are many uses of glass in the AEC Industry starting from glazing and facades to self-supported structures. Glass is the symbol of modern design and many big companies innovate by using glass in the design of their products or shops.

Usage of Structural Glass in the AEC Industry

Glass slabs for civil and industrial buildings. They allow a nice view from below and above. Of course it is not for those with a faint of heart, but it sure offers you something to look at every time you step on it.

In order to get this splendid view you need to climb up on something. So why not climb up a staircase made of glass as well.

Glass should also offer us a roof and protect us from UV radiation, rain an snow, but still allow us to admire a gorgeous shinny day. Feel safe and happy under a Glass Roof.

And why try to look on the window, when you can see through the entire wall. Glass Facades are nice especially when placed on curved surfaces.

If glass is that nice, why not build everything from glass. Isn't it an invoative idea? Or wait, some companies already made it real?

Apple Glass Cube from NY is only the begining...

Why limit ourselves to building scale structure for glass? With a little extra steel we can bridge the gaps of imagination and connect people across canyons and between buildings, while offering the a view they would not forget. Here are some nice glass bridges from China.

In the end, we should all relax in our Glass Balcony or swim across the street to say hello to our neighbors. As they say, pools are the new balconies.



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