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Structural design of curtain walls using Allplan and SCIA Engineer

Curtain Wall Design according to Eurocode EN 1999-1-1


Discover the BIM design solution for Curtain wall design in this Allplan and SCIA Engineer course. Seize the opportunity to become more efficient by learning to use the highly precise and reliable SCIA Engineer, the analysis software with probably the best Eurocode integration and the BIM detailing solution ALLPLAN Engineering.


Design theory & examples

Geometry modelling

Load & combination generation

Linear analysis results & Engineering Report

Designing aluminium structural elements

Structural Glass Design

Project deliverables

Bill of material




By the end of the training session, you should be able to:

Model 3D curtain walls system

Create and check an analysis model

Evaluate gravitational and climatic loads according to Eurocode

Perform linear and nonlinear FEM analysis

Design & Check Structural Aluminium elements

Design structural glass elements

Prepare Engineering report

Bill of material


Curtain Wall Design Course

  • The training uses SCIA ENGINEER 20. You can order a trial license using this link.

    Please install the legacy version in order to be able to work with the SGD Module.

    The trial license works for any SCIA ENGINEER version, if you want to download SCIA 20 please use this link.

    Part 5 uses also the SGD Module (Structural Glass Design Addon) which can be requested using this link.

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