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Allplan Engineering 2023 - Video Training



This Engineering course is starting where Allplan 2023 Architecture training left.

The architectural model created there will be analysed and completed with a proper 3D structure. This includes foundation, roof structure, terrace structure and 3D reinforcement of structural members using different technologies. In order to become a proficient user of Allplan, we strongly

recommend that you use what you learn in a personal project.


The main purpose of the Engineering course is to get participants acquainted with BIM

workflow. The basic training will cover the entire workflow from initial import of architectural model, to modelling structural elements made of concrete, timber and steel and also 3D reinforcement. All specific documentation required from engineers like formwork plans, assambly plans and reinforcement details will also be covered in this training.


  •  Importing architectural BIM model / 2D model
  •  Modeling foundations
  •  Modelling timber roof structure
  •  Modelling steel structure for terrace
  •  Exporting BIM model for architectural corellation
  •  Generate associative views, sections and bills of quantities from the 3D model
  •  3D reinforcement modelling
  •  Formwork, General Arrangement drawings for steel and timber
  •  Reinforcement detail drawings including bending schedules
  •  Documentation cloud delivery using BIM+


What do you get?


  • 47 Video Lesson summing up over 12 h
  • Allplan Architectural model, PDF+DWG input data
  • SCIA Engineer Analysis Model for the Terrace (Structura + infrastructure)
  • Generated PDF and DWG drawings
  • Project outputs (3D model, quantity reports)
  • Finished Allplan Project from Trainer
  • DWG and PDF work files / input data

Allplan Engineering 2023 Video Course (EN)

  • 0 Introduction
    1 Downloading and installing the ALLPLAN BIM solution
    2 Architecture model overview in Allplan
    3 Allplan 2023 packages & configurations recommandation
    4 Allplan project files organization
    5 Allmenu 2023 - external configurator for Allplan
    6 How to import an ALLPLAN project
    7 Organising the Engineering project component in an exiting Architectural Building Structure
    8 Introduction to Allplan User Interface
    9 How to optimize interface efficiently usting the multi-window work system
    10 Importing theme from Architect drafted in PDF format
    11 Importing theme from Architect drafted in DWG format
    12 Importing theme from Architect drafted in IFC format
    13 Defining the Construction Grid
    14 Starting Engineering Project from Architectural Model
    15 Setting up the Engineering BIM Model
    16 Filtering out the non-structural bearing elements from the architectural model
    17 Introducing the confining RC elements inside the masonry walls
    18 Modeling the RC Slab above GF
    19 Highlight objects by layers and material
    20 Defining the loft RC structure
    21 Using Allplan as Common Data Platform (CDE) Solution
    22 Conforming the roof structure
    23 House infrastructure design - strip foundations
    24 Terrace infrastructure design - pad foundations
    25 Steel Structure Design of Terrace Overview
    26 Importing Analytical Model from SCIA Engineer
    27 How to model steel structure in Allplan
    28 Q & A Session from live audience
    29 Steel modelling in Allplan Engineering - part 2
    30 Steel quantity reports
    31 Detailing steel structures using Allplan Engineering
    32 Preparing BOM reports directly connected to the Building Structure
    33 How to create General Arrangement (GA) Drawings in Allplan
    34 Generating the foundation plan
    35 Associative formwork and montage plan detailing
    36 Preparing the layouts in Allplan
    37 Preparing the formwork plan
    38 Preparing the roof structure plan
    39 3D Reinforcing of the foundations
    40 Automatic 3D reinforcement of beams
    41 Automatic 3D reinforcement columns
    42 Automatic 3D reinforcement of staircase
    43 Reinforcement associative detailing in Allplan
    44 3D Wall automatic reinforcement
    45 Slab 3D reinforcement & detailing
    46 Preparing reinforcement layouts in Allplan
    47 Exporting project to CDE platform - BIM PLUS

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