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Allplan Engineering 2020 - Video Training






Presentation of the Allplan and Allmenu interfaces

Creating a new project.

Main settings for and properties of a project

Fileset and Building Structures

 Working with layers

Data Exchange.

Importing PDF and DWG files




Creating and modifying 2D elements.

Text settings.

Creating a layout label.

Saving/loading data to/from the library.

Basic 3D modelling.

Creating and modifying 3D objects.



Creating the Axis Grid.

Defining a BIM Building Structure in accordance with the IFC 2x3 and IFC 4 standard

Defining architectural elements: foundations, single and multi-layer walls, columns, beams, slabs.

Assigning trades and material qualities.



Visualize and export 3D model

Rendering the 3D model

Bill of material



Generate associative views and sections

Formwork drawing

Plot layouts in Allplan



3D reinforcing of structural elements (columns, beams, slabs, staircase, openings, etc.)

Detailing of 3D structural elements

Print layouts in Allplan.

Exporting the model and the layouts.


What do you get?


  • 37 movies summing up a total of 13 h
  • Generated PDF Plans
  • Complete Allplan Project from Trainer
  • DWG and PDF work files

Allplan Engineering 2020 Video Course (EN)

€199,00 Regular Price
€99,00Sale Price
  • 0 Allmenu & Services
    1 Organizing the tools in Allplan
    2 Settings of Allplan Engineering
    3 Modelling a 2D retaining wall
    4 Modelling a 2D drawer
    5 Preparing a layout for plot
    6 Modellling a 3D dome
    7 3D extrusions and interpolations
    8 Building Structure Definition and DWG import
    9 Optimizing the DWG import
    10 Creating the architectural walls
    11 Creating door and windows openings in walls
    12 Modelling Stairs in Allplan
    13 Modelling slabs above foundation
    14 Modelling Slab with openings above GF
    15 Copying and adapting architecture for Top Floor
    16 Modelling Roof Structures in Allplan
    17 Insertic flush piers and columns in masonry walls
    18 Inserting beams in the masonry walls
    19 Adding Lintel above wall openings
    20 Modelling the foundations
    21 Roof Structure modelling
    22 Preparing the foundation plan
    22 Welded Mesh reinforcement for Ground Slab
    23 Reinforcing the foundations
    24 Adapting foundation reinforcement for ortogonal direction
    25 Creating corner reinforcement
    26 Creating the reinforcement plan and details for foundations
    27 Mesh reinforcement of Ground Slab
    28 Creating and detailing the starter bars for columns
    29 Creating the attic columns reinforcement
    30 Reinforcing inclined beams
    31 Reinforcing the slab above ground floor
    32 Preparing the roof detailing plans
    33 Exporting Plans in Allplan with Report
    34 Preparing quantity reports
    35 Exporting the 3D model for client
    36 Project Management using BIM+

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