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Allplan Architecture 2023 - Video Training


The main purpose of the Architecture Basic course is to get participants acquainted with BIM workflow. The basic training will cover the entire workflow from initial 2D drawings to 3D models and bill of material.

By the end of the training session, each participant will learn how to: 

  • Create and modify 2D elements 
  • Create and modify basic 3D elements 
  • Completely define all the basic architectural elements 
  • Modelling 3D furniture
  • Create a building structure model 
  • Build a 3D model for a multistorey building 
  • Generate associative views, sections and bills of quantities from the 3D model 
  • Create Sun Studies 
  • Position construction on real terrain
  • Rendering and export results for VR
  • Communicate online with other BIM participant


What do you get?


  • 69 movies summing up a total of 12 h
  • Generated PDF and DWG drawings
  • Project outputs (3D model, randers, qunatity reports)
  • Complete Allplan Project from Trainer
  • DWG and PDF work files / input data

Allplan Architecture 2023 Video Course (EN)

  • 0 Introduction
    1 Downloading and installing the ALLPLAN BIM solution
    2 Training objectives
    3 Course curriculum
    4 Getting started with Allplan AEC 2023
    5 Using Allmenu - Services 2023
    6 Setting up a new project in ALLPLAN 2023
    7 CAD vs GIS coordinate system
    8 Action bar and pallete UI presentation
    9 Configuring options in ALLPLAN 2023
    10 Importing 2D situation plan from DWG
    11 Editing data imported from DWG
    12 Organising drawings in Allplan 2023
    13 3D Modelling the terrain in Allplan
    14 Finished architectural model overview
    15 Building structure system presentation
    16 Creating the building structure step-by-step
    17 Defining the 3D construction grid
    18 Importing architectural theme workflows
    19 Modelling Ground Floor Architecture
    20 Automatic finish generation using Room function
    21 Adjusting reference planes
    22 Drawing the architecture of the terrace
    23 Modelling the architectura for the Garage
    24 Modelling the architecture for the second floor
    25 Stair modelling in Allplan
    26 Modelling the roof cover
    27 Modelling doors and windows
    28 Modelling the Garage doors
    29 Landscape and urban furniture modelling
    30 Modelling the exterior architecture (Yard)
    31 Parametric modelling of the surrounding fence
    32 Transfering windows and doors to top floor
    33 Inserting skylight windows in the roof cover
    34 Geo-positioning the building model
    35 Preparing model for randering
    36 Sun study simulation
    37 Uploading the 3D model to Google Earth
    38 Accesing other databases for 3D objects
    39 Modelling Q & A and Conclussions
    40 Preparing model for Quantity Take-off
    41 Quantities Take-Off Reports
    42 Adding custom attributes to objects
    43 Preparing the situation plan
    44 Creating isometric overview of the model
    45 Preparing the Architectural Views
    46 Preparing the architectural plans and sections
    47 Generating list of drawings
    48 Exporting drawings in PDF and DWG format
    49 Exporting model to 3D PDF format
    50 Preparing presentation movie of the 3D model
    51 Choosing the right hardware for Allplan
    52 Preparing 360 degre image in Allplan
    53 Exporting model to CDE platform BIM PLUS
    54 Q & A - Adding rainwater gutter
    55 Q & A - Questions collected from live audience
    56 Preparing data for BIM PLUS export
    57 Common Data Enviornment presentation
    58 Issues and tasks management in BIM Plus
    59 Clash management in BIM Plus
    60 Benefits of BIM plus Add-ins
    61 Schedule simulation in BIM Plus
    62 Benefits of additional Apps for BIM Plus
    63 Is it worth investing in BIM work methology
    64 Connecting Allplan model to Lumion via Live Sync
    65 Q & A - Computing terrain cut and fill
    66 Connecting the reports to building structure
    67 Planning the worksite of your project
    68 Next recommanded educational step
    69 Requirements for Allplan Architecture User Certificate

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